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Sue's Philosophy

  • I am concerned with pain and function. If we can decrease your pain and increase your function, it doesn't matter much what your "diagnosis" is.

  • You can ALWAYS improve from where you are now.

  • I can only facilitate your recovery. You have to do the work to get yourself there.

Sue's Story

I started out as a competitive distance runner, representing my club and Ireland internationally, as a teenager. But, by my late teens I started to get injury after injury. By 21, I had had separate knee and hip surgeries. With no end in sight to the pain and injuries, I had to reevaluate my sporting career and my fitness journey.


At that time, I didn't understand the source of my injury issues and I wasn't getting adequate treatment. I was always being treated for the symptoms I was exhibiting. I attended many physiotherapists and physical therapists and started to recognise the essential skills of an effective physio. I also began to understand the many benefits of strengthening my body with resistance training. Strengthening my muscles and tendons and moving my body in healthy ways decreased my pain and improved my functional movement patterns. This, in turn, had massively positive impacts on my mental health and well being and allowed me to enjoy exercise again.


In 2016, I qualified as a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. I coached strength and conditioning classes while I returned to college to study physical therapy and applied health science. The combination of my education and experience as a physical therapist and personal trainer over the last 7 years has taught me to look at the whole picture. My main aim as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist is to treat the person as a whole. Traumatic injuries have a simple cause. Everything else is more complex and must be treated that way. Therefore, the underpinning ethos of Physio Strength Therapy is to create a treatment and exercise plan based on each person's unique needs.

I thrive on getting to work with all different kinds of people with all different kinds of pain and injury problems. The aim is to assess how and why their body has adapted and to bring it back to its optimal function. I can only facilitate this process and my goal will always be to empower my clients to do this for themselves. I educate and guide my clients to be able to use their bodies in a healthy way. Whether I have a client attending for a sprained ankle, tennis elbow, pre or post op for a joint replacement, sciatic symptoms, back pain, arthritis or any other musculoskeletal issue... I will be looking at their individual needs, what they need and want to be able to do moving forward, and work to restore that function.


Some of the simplest changes we make, can result in a massive difference in your daily life. Whether the main goal is to improve your gym lifts, move better on the golf course, run without pain, play with your grandchild, or simply drive your car without a backache, I am here to help you achieve it!


Sue takes on a limited number of new clients and has availability Monday to Friday.


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